Serena Maisto:
a multifaceted artist.

Serena Maisto, artist from Lugano, Switzerland.

Serena Maisto, born in 1982 in Mendrisio (Switzerland), is a multifaceted artist with diverse influences.
Her artistic career began with a comparison with Jackson Pollock, the legend of Abstract Expressionism: as in her master's research, many of Serena's works are characterised by waves of colour that almost invade the canvas, showing her emotions and feelings.

Her work, however, soon takes an autonomous direction, also thanks to her strong inspiration and her ability to use a variety of materials and artistic techniques.
The result is an artist who is able to surprise with each new project, now with careful work on photographs, now with great skill in painting on canvas or other materials.

After almost 10 years spent studying her painting technique on different surfaces and creating her first iron sculpture, in 2017 Serena began to take an interest in photography and its possible re-interpretations, through the series "Time Line: my walk with Basquiat" and "Basquiat & I: into the present", in which the artist intervenes with acrylic on the shots taken by Swiss photographer Edo Bertoglio depicting the famous American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (works presented in Lugano and London with Cortesi Gallery).

In her latest works (presented with Artrust in 2019), Serena finds inspiration by creating a new artistic technique she calls "S-Composition", where the processed images find multiple possibilities of interweaving, returning to the "zero point" in order to recreate new images. This time the artist starts with a photographic base of Andy Warhol (photo by Karen Bystedt) and her "friend" Jean-Michel Basquiat (photo Edo Bertoglio).

After having created and installed her first two installations, one in St. Moritz for a private client and then for the Triennale in Maroggia (curated by Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi, Artrust, Melano), Serena is currently working on the creation of her next collection entitled "Appearance & Reality"; works that will be presented in 2023 at the artist's first retrospective at the Matadero in Madrid.

Serena lives and works in Lugano.


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